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Filter Discs

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Materials: stainless steel wire, such as SUS 201 202 302 304 304HC 304L 309S 310S 316 316L 321 430

Weaving: plain weaving,twill weaving, dutch weaving and so on.

Stainless Seel Filter Mesh Stainless Seel Filter Mesh
Filter Discs Filter Discs


High stability


Corrosion and thermal resistance

Resistance to moisture and abrasion

Optimum flow rates

Narrow pore size distribution

Precise alignment of filter pores

Easy to clean

Chemical and thermal resistance

Smooth surface structure

High levels of reliability


Pressure filters for fine filtration in hydraulic steering equipment;

Oil and fuel filters ressure and vacuum filters (disc, cell and drum filters)

As porous media for fluidised beds

Protection of steering and fuel injection nozzles

Air and space travel

Automotive industry


Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Medical science

Food and beverage industry

Plastics industry

Environmental technology

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.